Carbon steel products of the Vietnam anti-corrosion problems in the US survey

Recently a number of steel production businesses in the United States filed a lawsuit against the tax evasion of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty to United States Department of Commerce (DOC) for corrosion resistant steel products (corrosion-resistant carbon steel – galvanized steel) imported from Vietnam.

Under the provisions of the United States, to complement the third country on the current duty order (tax evasion investigation AD / CVD), the DOC should consider the following factors: Products imported from a country third of the same type (class / kind) with products subject to the tax; Before import into the United States, this product has been completed or processed from products manufactured in countries subject to the tax; Processing or finishing in a third country is “small or negligible”; The value of goods produced in the country, were subject to “dominate the total value of the products are exported to the United States”; DOC determined that an investigation is necessary to prevent evasion.


In addition, the DOC must also consider the following factors: trade trends (pattern of trade); whether the manufacturer / exporter of inputs associated with 3rd parties in the country is the use of these materials for processing / finishing products imported into the United States and whether the country has been subject to tax exports increased input into the 3rd country after the DOC initiated an investigation and impose taxes or not. Besides, in order to determine whether the processing or finishing is “small or negligible” or not, the DOC must consider: the level of investment, research and development, the nature of the production process export and production base level in 3rd countries and “value of materials in 3rd countries have accounted for a small proportion of the value of products imported into the United States” or not. If the additional components or processes in 3rd countries made by people / businesses with links to parties (party) in the countries subject to the tax, the DOC will use production costs in order to calculate the value .

The plaintiffs said that this incident has met the requirements of the laws mentioned above. Therefore, the plaintiff requested the DOC initiated an investigation and liquidity postpone shipments galvanized steel products imported from Vietnam and deposit requirements on shipments of this at the same level as AD and CVD duty for products from China.

Pursuant to the provisions of the United States, the DOC will review and make decisions initiated an investigation or not within 45 days of receipt of the application (expected date of 10.22.2016) and the decisions issued finally within 300 days.

Known dated 06/23/2015, after the investigation of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy for the product categories on (HS CODE: 7210.30.0030 / .0060, 7210.41.0000, 7210.49.0030 / .0091 / .0095, 7210.61.0000, 7210.69.0000, 7210.70.6030 / .6060 / .6090, 7210.90.6000 / .9000, 7212.20.0000, 7212.30.1030 / .1090 / .3000 / .5000, 7212.40. 1000 / .5000, 7212.50.0000, 7212.60.0000 and) originating in China and some countries – other territories, under which the United States duty order issued to China for anti-dumping duty rates price is 199.43% and the CVD is 241.43%.

According to the plaintiff, after the United States duty order issued, China’s export volume for this product to the United States decreased significantly, however this product exports from Vietnam to the United States again spike.

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